Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Assalamualaikum to all...
Please try to do the additional quiz as part of ur preparation to have quiz next week. All the best to all of u, best of luck. I know u can do it..! There still lots of time 4 u to do revisions.

For our new chapter, TUTORIAL 3 are ready to download, opefully u can download it ASAP and try to do it by urself, then if there any problems, u can find me, u know better how to fine me. There will be two parts of TUTORIAL 3, A & B. This TUTORIAL 3 is FRESH from the 'oven', so please take this opportunity to be the first having and trying it.

Happy studying to all of u. Please contact me if there any problems.
Thank you. Wassalam.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Good evening everybody...

Hopefully all of u are in a good health. Quiz 1 is actually tentatively within this week, but due to some problems and due to Eid ul-Adha vacation, Quiz 1 is postponed to nest week. Topics covered are from Chapter 1 to Chapter 3, the topics are Units & Measurements, Kinematics: Motion In One Dimension and Dynamics:  The Laws of Motion.

U can now download Quiz 4 ur exercise, which is related to the topics of ur quiz 1. Hopefully u can spend ur time to try the questions given and also the questions in the textbook. Last but not least, all the best to all of u. If there's any problems, please come 2 c me in my office. Good luck. Selamat maju jaya.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

...singgah sebentarr...

Selama 4 hari menyambut aidil adha, hari ini berakhirnya aidil adha yg menayksikan pengorbanan umat Islam terhadap agama kita...

Answers for tuto 2 x sempat lg nk upload.maklumla raya kn?:D
hari ni singgah sebentar di negeri terengganu menikmati udara nyaman di tepi laut China Selatan.

Selamat kembali kepada semua warga kota dan selamat bekerja semua... :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eid Mubarak

Assalamualaikum to all..

Happy Hari Raya Aidil Adha...Eid Mubarak to all...
May Allah bless us all...

IEEP 2010 pt. II

Part II

IEEP, what is IEEP?IEEP stands for what..?IEEP is abbreviation of Islamic Enhancement & Evaluation Program. This IEEP is for academic staff or lecturers only. There are another IEEP for administrative staff which held in different location,different time and different organizers. The organizer for this year's IEEP is DOAP led by Bro. Abdul Razak bin Abu Bakar who is the Deputy Dean of Department of Arts Program (DOAP). I would like to share some photos taken during appreciation nite of IEEP 2010.

Appreciation nite of IEEP 2010

Barbeque dinner - Sweet prawns

mee hoon..?

Bro. Rashid - cameraphobia

Event is on

At the early of the event

Chit chat

Peace from Bro. Zahid Ridzuan

Full-stomach face :p

The audiences are concentrating

The times come

Bro. Izdihar waiting for the winner

The winner receiving the award.hihi :p

The smiley face of Bro. Chemistry

Bro. Zahid is busy taking the photos

The table at the back

Models from CFS

Still eating while the event is on,hehe :p

Happy family are on the air..haha :p

Happy moment 

Happy with somebody's award :p

The seniors

The juniors

Bro.Ashraf is "sleeping" with the important people of IEEP

The very important persons very happy

Electricians (near electric box)

The newly wed with the award

The newly wed & not-so-newly-wed with their awards

Lil' participants

The seniors from Sciences

The seniors from Sciences,again :)

Very serious guys

The most popular lecturer with his lil daughter

Mrs. chairpersons

Be thankful..poem by Al-ustaz

Very happy mothers


The important persons for IRKHS

Seniors from Arts Program

Seniors from Arts + Sciences, happy faces

Otai from Sciences

The happiest three stooges

The happiest man ever :p

The program still running,looks tired :p

Mdm Wan receiving the awards from Deputy Dean DOSP

Very Important Persons in CFS IIUM

Table for award winners

Having chit chat

After receiving the award

Thank you CFS :)

Concentrating on the event

Laughing at something

Looks like they are so it..?

Laughing at themselves

Happy having seated besides the 2nd boss :p

Before the performance

The performance has begun

Everybody is concentrating at the performance

Full of attention..!


So serious

The bosses are also giving full of attention

Another bosses




Thinking of serious matter

Serious part of the event

Very busy cameramen

Before blackout

During blackout

Good performance by Geng Ustaz

Drinks for VIP

Smiling contest


Mrs chairpersons of the nite

The best advisor

PRESS advisor receiving award from Deputy Dean A & R