Monday, January 17, 2011


Salam and good day to all,

I am here just to inform you that our tutorial 6 is now ready as we are already finishing our chapters, so, you can try to do it with your friends. Please do not hesitate to come to see me if there are any problems involving the questions and about our class. This tutorial consists of Chapter 11 & 12 in our syllabus. ELECTRIC. Happy downloading and happy tutorialing :)


Salam and good evening to all,

Nowadays, some students are pampered by their lecturers or teachers especially when they are in the higher learning institutions such as Matriculation Center or some of the lecturers spending so much time for his or her students in doing the exercises and researches. These are very good for the lecturers as well as the students. What I am worry about is the lecturers tend to adjust the questions just because she or he worried about the students, some of them told me, "This question is BAD, we have to replace the question." Some of them having the idea of this,"Cancel this question."

Alright, now I am throwing the question, how good is she or he to decide that the question is BAD? Is she or he taking the systematic steps in determining that her or his students are good, no good or excellent? Is she or he is an excellent teacher? A "MURABBI"? Come on... Please do not be a selfish, and some of your actions shows that you are the only person who is good and excellent. Eventhough you are good enough, please find some ways to bring others to be good as you. You are working in the education industry, you are not in factory and you are not working with the machines, you are working with people and others' future.

Please respect others, and others will respect you. Respect others' properties, so that later the others will respect your properties. Even if the lecturers are excellent, its not the license for them to do what ever they like to others' properties. At least get the permissiod from the others to adjust their properties, especially we are working in this environment. Please think of the others and think about the future of the students. Respect others and the others will respect you. Think of your act and let us do this together to safe others' future.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

:::QUIZ OH QUIZ pt.II:::

Good morning to all,

I am here to continue about the quiz topic yesterday. Actually, there is correction on that, the topics covered in our next quiz are, THERMAL PHYSICS, VIBRATIONS, WAVES & SOUND. Actually, there are not much seems like the topics covered are from four topics but these topics is not as difficult as you think and expected. However, as students, we have to put the effort to get what we want, only you knows what you want rite now and in the future. What we have done today will results who we are in the future.

Monday, January 10, 2011

:: Quiz Oh Quiz ::

Good evening everybody...

There will be another quiz for all of you, most probably end of this week, however, the date can be changed according to the chapters covered in the syllabus. There should be no worries in doing the quiz because you should have cover the topics that we have done in our session. What you need to do is to prepare and to get ready to answer the questions, you should know how to answer the questions properly. Please avoid silly mistakes, make sure everything is in order. No more excuse, you must FOCUS, we have less than six weeks before the FINAL EXAM.

Concentrate and focus, no more excuses. About the next quiz, chapters covered are chapter SEVEN & EIGHT ONLY.

Have a nice day and all the best..!!